About the Game

Enter a world of myth and magic, shattered by dark forces.

The world as we know it has been broken to pieces by unknown enemies, and only two were close enough to the mystical place known as The Grove to escape: a young druidess (in training) named Erin and a frantic pixie named Rhoswen. Follow their journey as they seek to restore the land piece-by-piece and uncover the mysterious powers behind the attack.

Collect the broken pieces of the world and arrange them as you see fit.

The shards of the shattered world were transformed into mere essences of themselves and scattered as they broke apart. Erin and Rhoswen set out to collect these essences and restore them, but soon learn that their quest is complicated by the fact that the pieces can fit together in many ways. This quickly reveals itself to be a boon, however, when the duo realizes they can manipulate the pieces to form paths to places they couldn’t get to otherwise!

Walk among creatures straight out of Celtic folklore.

Along their journey, Erin and Rhoswen meet a variety of mythical friends and foes, including the brutal bodach, the charming puca, and the horrifying sluagh. Some even greater threats lie in the pair’s future, howling under stormy skies or waiting patiently deep inside the earth.

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